The British & Irish Association of Fastener Distributors supports and represents more than one hundred industrial fastener distributors throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

What our members do

BIAFD encompasses a wide, varied and constantly growing membership, ranging from the largest fastener wholesalers and importers, through global suppliers to major OEMs and industry sectors, to family-owned regional stockists and service specialists.

Our Members do

Fasteners are seldom thought about until they are not there when needed – but they are everywhere. Vehicles, aircraft, computers, mobile phones, domestic appliances and machinery are all held together by a myriad of, often minute but always critical, fasteners. At the other end of the scale infrastructure, energy generation and distribution, commercial buildings, all require robust fastener technologies to endure for decades.

BIAFD members ensure the right fastener is there at the right time, at the correct quality for all industries: aerospace, automotive, agricultural and off-highway, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, construction and building, and DIY – whether in the local market or throughout the world. Our members manage complex, global supply chains in an increasingly uncertain geo-political environment, to maintain crucial supplies of components that literally hold our world together.

Between them, our members ensure availability of an extraordinary range of fastening technologies: threaded fasteners such as bolts, nuts, screws; rivets, lock-bolts and other blind fasteners; washers; concrete anchors and construction fixings; pins and retaining rings – in materials that range from steel, stainless steel and brass to highly specialised alloys for extreme application conditions.


Ensuring our members are better informed is at the core of BIAFD’s mission.

Better Informed

Ensuring our members are better informed is at the core of BIAFD’s mission.

Networking Opportunities

Discuss and explore issues affecting the fastener distribution sector.


We represent our members at national and European government levels.

Connect Globally

Representing fastener manufacturing and supply across Asia and the Americas.

What we do for our members

Ensuring our members are better informed is at the core of BIAFD’s mission. At least weekly, often daily, members receive regular e-bulletins updating them on anything and everything that may affect their businesses.

Twice a year we hold a General Meeting, inviting expert speakers to provide in-depth insights on key topics, as well as providing our own analysis on key industry developments.

These face-to-face events provide unique networking opportunities for senior management to discuss and explore issues affecting the fastener distribution sector generally.


Between these spring and autumn events BIAFD holds online meetings, particularly important for smaller member companies that find it more difficult to attend the General Meetings.

BIAFD is also energetic in representing its members at national and European government levels, and with other organisations. We ensure recognition of our sector’s needs as well as obtaining definitive interpretation and clarification of regulations and Government initiatives.

Through its founder membership of the European Fastener Distributor Association, BIAFD connects globally, with counterparts throughout Europe as well bodies representing fastener manufacturing and supply across Asia and the Americas.

Our Latest News

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