China extends antidumping duties on UK fasteners


China extends antidumping duties on UK fasteners

In June, China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) announced the extension of 26% antidumping duties on certain fasteners originating from the EU AND the United Kingdom for a further 5 years.

The products affected are: “certain iron or steel fasteners originated in the EU, including wood screws, self-tapping screw, bolts and screws (with or without nuts or washers, but excluding bolts used for fastening rails and bolts and screws with rod diameters not exceeding 6 mm) and washers”.

While MOFCOM argues these duties protect against EU and UK dumping of fastener products, the reality is they were originally imposed in retaliation for EU anti-dumping measures. While the EU has now reimposed antidumping measures on certain fastener products originating in China, the UK has not – it has no antidumping duties on fastener imports from China, following its exit from the EU.

Our estimate from the UK trade database is that UK companies could be paying close to £4m in tariffs that are not simply justified.

BIAFD is working with the UK Department of International Trade to try to establish the basis for MOFCOM’s decision and to find ways to challenge it. That’s going to be a hard call and a lot will depend on whether UK companies affected come forward to provide information.

If your business is impacted by these Chinese antidumping duties, please contact BIAFD urgently.