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BIAFD represents the interests of its membership with the UK Government and institutions, with the media and, through founding membership of the European Fastener Distributor Association (EFDA), with the European Union and European organisations. In particular BIAFD has been energetic in opposing the imposition of trade measures that unnecessarily distort the global trade in fasteners and limit our members ability to source the best quality and value products for their customers.

Worldwide links

Keeping our members Better Informed

For more than two decades BIAFD has made it a primary mission to provide accurate, timely and relevant information direct to members’ inboxes – information that has proven to save member companies their BIAFD subscription many times over. BIAFD Bulletins are issued every week, providing updates on key issues and regulatory developments, as well as information on upcoming BIAFD events. Executive members receive a more intensive and wider-ranging, breaking news service covering anything that may impact the UK and Irish fastener distribution sector – whether regulatory, geopolitical, economic, technical; domestic, European and global.

Products & Standards

Products & Standards

BIAFD contributes to the development of fastener standards and specifications with two active representatives on the British Standards Institute FME/9 Fastener Committee. As well as providing the opportunity to present its views on standards development this presence ensures BIAFD members are regularly updated on forthcoming standards developments that can affect their businesses.

Meeting & Analyses

Meetings & Analysis

BIAFD holds two ‘in-person’ general meetings a year focused on issues directly related to the UK and worldwide fastener industry, including raw material and supply chain trends, legislation and regulation, and product development. Each meeting provides opportunities for members to network in a relaxed and convivial environment. Between these meetings, BIAFD arranges quarterly online meetings, particularly valued by smaller member companies, which include reports on BIAFD’s quarterly benchmarking surveys reported through online meetings. Where demanded by critical developments, particularly relating to the fastener supply chain, that affect fastener consumers, BIAFD prepares special briefings for members to use with their customers to explain the issue and its impacts.

Training & Support

Training & Support

Fasteners and fixings are complex, technical products – the result of often underrated or misunderstood manufacturing processes, from steelmaking, through forming, to heat treatment and corrosion resistant coatings. Emerging from the Covid pandemic, BIAFD renewed its ambitions to deliver seminars, training courses and educational visit that enhance product recognition, risk-awareness, technical standards and the engineering that lies behind the so-called simple screw.


European and Global Links

Through EFDA and its own relationship-building, BIAFD's links extend to fastener distribution and manufacturing organisations throughout the world, including major consumption and supply markets like the United States, Taiwan and China.